PrincipAl investigator 

Leonid is an endothelial cell biologist.

Endothelial cells form blood and lymphatic vessels, which pervade all human organs, play essential roles in their physiology and directly affect our health and wellbeing. Defective function of endothelial cells contributes to the development of life-threatening chronic disorders, such as cancer (especially metastatic disease), lymphoedema, diabetes, reproductive, lung and cardiovascular disease, and multimorbidity. 

The overarching aim of fundamental/basic science and clinical laboratory research conducted by his group (established in 2018) is to understand the key molecular mechanisms that govern properties and function of organ-specific microvascular endothelial cells in the context of disease progression in humans. This includes endothelial cell cross-talk with other cells (e.g. cancer cells, neurons, pericytes and others). More specifically, his independent research is related to resistant to current therapies types of cancer (clear cell renal cell carcinoma, in-transit melanoma and myxofibrosarcoma), lymphoedema and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. 

The prospective long-term goal of his studies is to contribute to expanding the knowledge about the pathophysiology of these chronic disorders associated with vascular and/or lymphatic endothelial cell dysfunction that would guide their management including disease prevention and/or development of more efficient targeted therapies.

Alumni from Leonid's group are next generation biomedical scientists and medics who now continue their careers at the Universities of Oxford, Warwick, Manchester, London and Hull or in hospitals, pharmaceutical industry and biotech companies nationwide and globally.


Adenike Adekeye

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow

Eamon Faulkner 

PhD Student in Biomedical Science

Shirin Hasan

PhD Student in Biomedical Science & Research Assistant

Dimitrios Manolis

PhD Student in Biomedical Science & Research Assistant

Debbie Mawer 

MSc Student in Biomedical Science

Paulo Saldanha 

PhD Student in Biomedical Science


Our research group's alumni consists of former summer interns, undergraduate, graduate, masters and doctoral students who have progressed into a range of institutions and specialties.


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