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Applications from prospective PhD or MSc by Research (MRes) students wishing to join our research group and thriving postgraduate community at the Centre for Biomedicine at the Hull York Medical School are welcome at any time.

In particular, we invite expression of interest and applications in the following areas of research:

• Novel molecular mechanisms regulating endothelial cell properties and functions in health and chronic diseases.

• The G-protein coupled receptors as targets for imaging and therapy in cardiovascular disease, cancer and lymphoedema.

• Heterogeneity of endothelial cells in ageing and chronic lung disease.

• Endothelial cell role in cancer progression and resistance to targeted therapies.

• Proteomics of lymphatic endothelial cells.

• Next generation sequencing, bioinformatics and gene editing approaches to study endothelial cell biology.

• Development of fully humanised 2D and 3D models to investigate the role of endothelial cells in chronic diseases.

• Early detection and diagnosis of cancer.

Please feel free to contact us to get more information about any of the current project or about our group. 


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